Why Ground Source Heating and Cooling Systems?


Building legislation currently requires heating and cooling systems to deliver a set percentage of renewable energy and savings on CO2 emissions and trends are heading towards carbon neutral technologies. Ground Source Heating and Cooling Systems are fully compliant with renewable heat incentive status. They save energy effectively, reduce carbon emissions and provide www.vapes-pens.com energy independence.

The Government have recognised the value of Ground Source Heating and Cooling Systems as an ideal alternative to current methods and Geothermal Systems sit alongside wind turbine, photo-voltaic and CHP solutions in the drive to save energy effectively.

Ground Source Energy Systems Provide The Ideal Alternative Energy Solution


The Ground Source Consult team are experts in the analysis of feasibility, design and installation management of all types of ground source energy. We work with architects, surveyors, the construction and drilling teams and the management to optimise the ground source design and build at all stages from initial plans through to plant room operation.

The Benefits of Ground Source Heating and Cooling Systems



  • Systems eligible for Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)
  • Very high operational efficiency
  • Immediate and long term energy cost savings
  • The CapEx for the ground array provides a system with a life expentancy in excess of 100 years
  • Enhanced property value for investment purposes
  • High BREEAM Performance Ratings may support higher rentals
  • Insurance against hikes delta extrax adios blend gummies 7000mg purple berry splash hybrid in energy costs


  • Tried and tested technology
  • Not reliant on weather systems
  • No visual impact on the landscape
  • Low space requirement
  • Low maintenance
  • High efficiency
  • Compliant with CSR policies
  • Future proof


  • High CO2 reduction
  • Zero site emissions
  • No noise output
  • Significant energy saving
  • No onsite use of fossil fuels
  • Significant step towards long term energy independence
  • Clean and safe