Closed Loop Systems


Closed Loop uses a system of high quality polyethylene pipes which circulate thermal transfer fluid through the ground or through a body of surface water, absorbing heat (heating) or rejecting heat (cooling). The closed loop design is determined by the geology of the ground and the energy demands of the building.

Ground Source Consult will demonstrate efficiency and sustainability through the development of geological thermal models. This will determine the loop requirements.

There are a number of alternative closed loop geothermal energy systems as outlined below:


Building showing vertical loop


Vertical Closed Loop


As the name suggests this system is composed of pipes that run vertically in the ground. This type of design is very versatile and it works particularly well in built up areas where horizontal schemes are not practical.

Performance enhancement of closed loop systems can be achieved with Borehole Thermal Energy Storage B.T.E.S. and artificial recharge.nouveau E-liquide


Building showing horizontal closed loop systems


Horizontal Closed Loop Systems


In this design the pipes run horizontally in the ground along a trench or through horizontally drilled boreholes. Horizontal loop is often chosen when there is no limitation on land or space for installing the system.

Schools with playing fields, rural commercial and residential property  and agricultural applications are where this type of ground source design is most likely to be recommended.


Buliding showing surface water closed loop system


Surface Water Closed Loop Systems


These systems exchange energy with the body of water in which the loop or heat exchanger plates are placed.

Surface water systems are not limited to coastal developments, they are also suitable in inland rivers and lakes where the temperature differentials are adequate to deliver the energy requirements of the building.

In the right circumstances these systems offer very cost effective energy solutions.



Structural Closed Loop Systems


An alternative system is one which uses the foundation piles or building structure to hold the closed loop geothermal heat exchange system.

The system may be cast on site or prefabricated depending on the structure and design of the building and the targeted energy requirements.