Ground Source Consult is led by Managing Director, Andy Howley who is a third generation well driller and has been deeply involved in developing the ground source energy industry in the UK and beyond. He has an understanding of ground conditions and drilling techniques that is second to none and has installed both open and closed loop systems on a whole range of celebrated buildings and with many of the major developers and building contractors in the UK.


Whilst the technology is not complex, the planning, design and subsequent build of a ground source system is not a straightforward exercise. Andy Howley is one of the most highly qualified commercial ground source energy designers in the UK with Certified Geoexchange Designer (CGD) status. As far as he is concerned, getting it wrong is not an option; the properties on which the team work will need to deliver target energy efficiencies many years into the future.

  • Our continuing aim reflects the drive to design and install the most efficient and cost effective ground source system for every project in which we are involved. We welcome technical audits from M&E consultants regarding our design philosophy and delivery approach.–Andy Howley

To ensure standards continue to develop in the UK, Andy Howley was a founding member of the Ground Source Heat Pump Association which was launched in 2006. It’s objective is to help this growing industry establish standards of operation and training to underpin the quality of ground source heat pump installations.